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Apartment descriptions: (1-Bedroom Apartment)

  • Floor area: 124/113 /94/84/73 meter
  • Bedroom(s): 1
  • Living room: 1
  • Dining room: 1
  • Kitchen: kitchen including equipment
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Balcony/pool trace: 1
  • Furniture: fully furnished
  • Finished quality: Super deluxe

Apartment Descriptions: (Studio)

  • Floor Area: 67/55/ 45/40/Meter
  • Bedroom/Living/Dining: 1
  • Kitchen: Kitchen Including Equipment
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Balcony/Pool Trace: 1
  • Furniture: Fully Furnished
  • Finished Quality: Super Deluxe


  • Clean & Comfortable Apartment.
  • Bedroom: Bedding King Size Beds, Wardrobes, Air-Conditioned.
  • Sheets and Bed Linen Included.
  • Lounge: Satellite TV, Air-Conditioned.
  • Kitchen: Stove, Oven, Refrigerator, Kitchenware.
  • Bathroom: Shower, Washbasin, Toilet.
  • Front Parking
  • Digital Metered Water & Electricity Consumption.

Resort Facilities

  • null

    Swimming Pool

  • null


  • null

    House Keeping

  • null

    Big Supermarket

  • null

    Florenza Spa

  • null

    Pool Bar & Snacks Bar

  • null

    High Speed Internet

  • null


  • null


  • null

    Children Swimming Pool

  • null


  • null


  • null



      To make you feel at home and in a complete stress-free environment, we offer a complete range of services to ensure maximum comfort for all Florenza residence. Everything is arranged for you both when you are staying in the resort and when away. You will always find the resort and all facilities clean, green, and in complete working order. The following services are available:

      • Garden Supervision

        We take care of the garden, trees, and lawns all year round, which includes supervision for gardens’ trimming.

      • Sanitation Network

        Including extra time for checking pumps and checking the sanitation effectiveness.

      • Security Service

        Calm & safe 24/7 security, ensuring the whole area is constantly secure so that you can relax in the knowledge that your family, friends, and apartment are constantly being looked after.

      • Pest Control

        The resort has trained staff and equipment through 3rd party company to take care of unwanted pests such as mosquitoes and flies via pesticide distribution and pest control maintenance so that residents at Florenza can enjoy their stay with minimum disturbance.